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Formed in 1995 by a group of friends from Agoura Hills, California, Linkin Park is a record-breaking American Rock band that has held the top position in worldwide charts for more than two decades. They released their first album in Hybrid Theory in the year 2000. The album was a blend of rap metal and nu metal and became an instant hit being certified as multi-platinum in some countries and as Diamond by the RIAA in the year 2005. They followed this up with a second album, Meteora, which further continued their success by rising to the top of the Billboard 200 album charts in 2003. They toured the world that year, did numerous charitable activities and Billboard eventually ranked them in position 19 on a chart for the best artists of the decade. The band was also declared as the biggest rock band in the world by a survey carried out by Kerrangi. Other albums released by Linking Park that have topped music charts over the years include Minutes to Midnight in 2007 which held the number three spot as album of the year back in 2007. In recent times the band has been changing their style of music and adopting a new radio friendly approach while also exploring other different music genres. Their fifth album for instance, known as Living Things, which was released in 2012 featured a unique combination of musical elements that were borrowed from their previous records and a blend of modern style unique to the band. This was followed up by The Hunting Party, their sixth album, which they released in 2014 and which features new electronic tunes and beats. At the moment the band is working on a new album, One More Night which is scheduled for release on May 19th this year.

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